Your Planting Guide to Attract Dragonflies and Eliminate Mosquitoes

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Face it: we all hate having to keep a bottle of bug spray handy to fight off the swarm of mosquitoes whenever we want to relax in our backyards. Bug repellents can be messy and a hassle to use (not to mention you have to reapply it like, every hour).

Luckily, mother nature has created a solution to this problem: dragonflies. Not only are the insects beautiful, but they have the ability to eat 100 mosquitoes a day! And it’s not just the full-grown ones contributing—dragonfly larvae typically consume the most mosquitoes.

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Black Eyed Susan

 If you’re a low-maintenance gardener like myself, this is the perfect plant to add to your garden to help fight against those pesky mosquitoes. This radiant plant can survive in almost any type of soil and only requires sunlight and to be watered regularly to bloom.

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