You can grow avocados at home

Editor’s Note:

The topic of avocado production in Victoria County has become quite popular over the years as improved varieties are being planted here with varying degrees of success. Thanks to Mr. Joe Moore for bringing this well-researched information to our column this week — Matt Bochat, County Extension Agent-Ag/Natural Resources, Victoria County

The avocado tree is of tropical origin in the Western hemisphere. Commercial avocado production in Texas is limited to the Lower Rio Grande Valley area; however, trial and specimen avocados are grown as far north and inland as Uvalde and Houston.


Primary species

Originally three different primary species of avocado were identified: Guatemalan, West Indian and Mexican.

The Mexican strain has better cold tolerance, a criteria for selection for our area. However, the Mexican varieties have poor salt tolerance. The West Indian strains have better tolerance for salinity but lack cold hardiness, being valued primarily as a rootstock for grafting on other strains….Click Here To Keep Reading

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