Water gardens are wonderful anytime of the year

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The Garden of Eden had a river running through it and, ever since, nearly all memorable gardens have had water features.

The first formal gardens, planted in Egypt 3,500 years ago, were arranged in straight lines along irrigation channels. In our own times, an oasis garden, whose design invariably includes a water feature of some kind together with a variety of citrus and other evergreen fruit trees, offers an escape from the long stretch of hot and dry weather that takes up most of the year in Los Angeles and the Southwest.

When the weather is hot, there is no saving grace like a water garden. Actually, no matter what the weather, a water feature will transform virtually any garden into more of a garden — that is, more of a refuge from the outside world — than it otherwise would be.

When you step into a backyard and hear the sound or catch the sight of a water feature, you are immediately drawn to it and removed from the chaotic hubbub of your job and freeway commute. The effect is instantly settling, tranquilizing and therapeutic — an environmental shot of Prozac, so to speak.

For a soothing effect, nothing can match the movement of water. Its sound pulls you magnetically into the garden. You don’t have to build a waterfall to produce the desired result…...Click Here To Keep Reading

Variegated lily pads at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles (Photo by photo by Lois Siskin)

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