These luxury homes are fully furnished; all you need is $77 million

The Moscow Mule Box - Vices Reserve

The world’s ultra-rich are used to bespoke touches in life, from custom-made suits to tailored financial advice. But what happens when you apply that approach to property, and take it to the extreme?

Hong Kong businessman and former JPMorgan Chase & Co. banker Loewe Lee has the answer in a cluster of homes nestled on a piece of land overlooking the South China Sea. It’s prime real estate, but the appeal doesn’t stop there.

Five of the seven houses have been painstakingly fitted out with everything a modern multimillionaire could want. Persian carpets cover the floors, and the kitchen cabinets are filled with cut crystal and Christofle cutlery. There’s art on the walls and coffee table books arranged just so.

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ANTHONY KWAN The living room at one of the mansions.

OZ Naturals

ANTHONY KWAN One of the houses developed by National and BPE Asia Real Estate.   

OZ Naturals

ANTHONY KWAN The living room at a Gilles & Boissier designed house.

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