SOUTHERN GARDENING: Spring weather encourages lichen growth in landscapes

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Lichen can present in several forms, and after a rain, can look like it is blooming, as small round structure appear and produce spores. Gary Bachman

The seasons are playing tricks on us with cold temperatures following warm. While we go through this latest cold snap, which I have high hopes will be the last, I want to address a landscape issue that’s generating quite a few questions.

It’s not a new issue, as it pops up at this time every year. And it’s not the annual, angst-causing pruning of the crape myrtles. I want to focus on a subject I write about most years, and that is lichens.

Lichens become prominent and concern many gardeners who venture out in the nice, early spring weather to take stock of their landscapes and gardens. This is a time of the season when many deciduous trees and shrubs haven’t started to leaf out for the year, and lichens become very noticeable.

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