San Francisco’s housing market is so dire that the city’s radioactive Treasure Island is finally getting a $6 billion makeover. Meet the residents who have lived on it for years.

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Katie Canales/Business Insider

  • San Francisco’s Treasure Island is not perfect.
  • The ground of the island has been found to be contaminated by Cold War-era US Navy operations, it’s sinking quickly as sea levels continue to rise, and it’s not easy to get to.
  • But the city needs housing, plain and simple, and the island has the space for it.
  • A full-scale development of Treasure Island has been in the works for 25 years. In the meantime, the island has been used to house the formerly homeless and others in need of supportive housing.
  • Some have made the peaceful landscape their home. But the $6 billion make-over is finally reaching its early stages, and luxury condos, upscale retailers, and thousands of high-earning workers are expected to move onto the island within the next decade.

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