Modesto Man Badly Burned After Backyard Explosion

Witness testimony from neighbor Jennifer Bartlett:

“I went into the backyard and I just hear a guy back there screaming ‘help”

“And I was like, ‘What do we do?’ And then ashes and embers were just flying at us in our house.”

“The explosion didn’t wake me up. It was the screaming, the hollering and even the fire noise. The kind of like crackling noise woke me up”

“The cops came banging saying, ‘We need you guys to leave the home, it’s so close”

“The roof flew off of the shed, the sides flew”

 “I don’t know how he was even as OK as he was.”

The Modesto Fire Department says one man was injured and taken to a hospital before being transferred to a burn unit with second- and third-degree burns.

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