Man’s jet ski commute to avoid New York City traffic is genius

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KELLY MCCARTHY,Good Morning America

This guy has unlocked the key to a chaos-free commute and it doesn’t require a car, bus or subway.

David Pike beat the hectic New York City commute from New Jersey to Brooklyn with one inventive purchase — a jet ski.

Pike spoke to “GMA” moments before embarking on his route from Jersey City on his way into work.

“My company, New York Trolley, is in Brooklyn, and every day it would take me 90 minutes; I’d have to take the bus to the subway to the PATH to another bus and all the while I’m just looking across the harbor like, ‘I just need to go there, how can I do it?'” he wondered.

Now, instead of going through Manhattan, which took him an hour and a half, he goes around it, taking just 15 minutes.

“I went on eBay bought a jet ski — and now it takes me 15 minutes; I just cut straight across the harbor,” he explained. Pike said he parks the jet ski at the Brooklyn cruise terminal at a kayak dock.

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PHOTO: David Pike rides a jetski to his job in Manhattan from Jersey City every morning to avoid traffic. (ABC News)

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