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If you plant it, they will come.

The leafminers, that is.

They’re hard to miss, once they have left their calling card.

But until they’ve done their damage, evidence of leaf miners is difficult to see and most gardeners don’t notice them until they’ve set up shop.

Leafminers are a broad category of insects that lay eggs on leaves and have their larvae tunnel through the leaves, munching the soft tissue and leaving distinctive trails inside the leaves that hint at the name they’ve earned.

This type of ravenous larvae eventually mature into a variety of beetles, flies and moths. The critters mine the inside of the leaf, and the result would be kind of pretty, like a stained-glass window design, if it weren’t so damaging.

According to Colorado State University, few leafminers pose any significant threat to trees or shrubs. While the damage is largely cosmetic on trees and shrubs that host these insects, it’s another story for edible, leafy crops. Fortunately, most of them have natural predators to keep the population in check….Click Here To Keep Reading

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