Get the Kids Outside With Family-Friendly Backyard Ideas

Fun & friendly outdoor décor for your garden & patio spaces, including lighted outdoor accents, beautiful garden statues & more!

If getting your kids off devices and spending more time outdoors is a goal this summer, set up your backyard to be a dynamic place to hang out. “Kid-friendly” doesn’t mean you need to turn your outdoor space into a backyard jungle gym. With a few design moves, landscapes can offer plenty of activities for kids of all ages and still look like stylish spaces for adults.
1. Give everyone their own zone. Kids and adults often want to use outdoor spaces in different ways — kids may want to explore, play sports and have fun, while adults may want to relax or entertain friends. Since these different uses don’t necessarily complement each other, it can be helpful to create different zones in a landscape design…..Click Here To Keep Reading

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