Gardeners’ Dirt: Sage advice for a sizzling summer

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If the current onset of summer temperatures has you pondering what to plant to provide your yard with color that will survive Victoria’s sizzling summer heat and humidity, we have some “sage” advice for you – that’s sage as in salvia.

Various colors, sizes; perennials, annuals
The Salvia genus, also known as sage, consists of many hardy species in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Salvia are members of the mint family (Lamiaceae) as indicated by their square stems. Some are annuals, but the toughest and most heat-tolerant seem to be the vast number of perennials, many of which can provide color through spring, summer and fall.

Since there are so many salvias to choose from, we will first reference the species and varieties we have personally had success growing.

Standard varieties
When gardeners refer to salvias, there are several that come to mind as somewhat standard varieties. They are salvia greggii (Autumn sage), salvia farinacea (Victoria blue and/or Evolution mealy cup sage) and salvia leucantha (Mexican bush sage), which are favorites of ours. They all are very heat-tolerant, drought- and deer-resistant and almost always in bloom at least for several months attracting a large number of butterflies and hummingbirds…..Click Here To Keep Reading

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