CBD Update – CBD Makes Me Sleepy

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Ok, so I’ve posted a couple times about my wife getting and using CBD oil. It seems to really help her with her menstrual pain and sleeping so I gave it a go.

The last time I wrote about this was a few weeks back and I was very new to it and wasn’t sure what to expect if anything. As it turns out, CBD for me, is very effective. Effective at making me sleepy. I have no doubt that CBD oil is not being given the credit it so properly deserves.

Why in the world it’s not more advertised and popular just as a sleeping aid is beyond me. It seems to me there are so many people looking for ways to get a good nights sleep or to simply be able to get to sleep. 

I’ve never had much of a problem getting to sleep but about a week ago I found myself very restless and unable to get to sleep. I had to be up very early the next day so I was stressing a little about what I was going to do. It was too late to take a benadryl, plus that makes me feel cloudy in the morning. We didn’t have any sleepy time tea, so I decided to try a couple puffs from my wife’s CBD vape pen

Now the honest to gods truth is that it worked quickly and put me to sleep which I was very happy about. I had a long day ahead of me and sleep deprivation would’ve made it a nightmare. The next day I felt a little cloudy, it may have been the CBD oil or it may not have been, but it helped get me to sleep which was a very good thing.

I have discovered though, that I cannot ingest any during the day when I need to functioning with full energy. For me, the CBD is just not conducive to high energy activity but like I said, That’s me. Everyone is different and I’m sure people could use it and be active with no problem. After I have a little bit, I’m yawning and ready to lay down. I made the mistake of trying it in the middle of a busy day and I spent the next couple hours yawning and wanting to lay down.

I don’t want people to get the wrong idea about what I’m saying. The CBD is not like smoking pot at all. It’s not an intoxicated induced sleepiness at all. I get tired, but it’s not because I’m high in any way, it just makes me sleepy. 

I’ll do another post in a week or two for an update on the ol’ CBD oil. Thanks for checkin us out.

Koi Website Banner - 960 x 360

One thought on “CBD Update – CBD Makes Me Sleepy

  • May 11, 2018 at 6:04 am

    Today’s my 1st day using 300mg CBD vape oil. I slept all day. It makes me incredibly tired.


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