Asymmetrical shingle-clad laneway house is inspired by houseboat design

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We’re fascinated with tiny houses on wheels, but we’re also big fans of laneway housing too. Some years ago Vancouver, Canada was able to change their regulations to permit the building of these smaller homes in back lanes behind pre-existing housing lots. Since then, we’ve seen an uptick of more affordable, small and efficient homes being built in a city that has some of the most expensive real estate prices in the world.

But these laneway houses make sense in many situations beyond the paradigm of the conventional single-family dwelling. Vancouver-based Campos Studio created this shingle-covered, 640-square-foot laneway home behind the larger, existing house for a medical technologist who was looking to downsize, after her own kids had grown and left an empty nest. The client was now moving back to the old family home in Vancouver’s Point Grey neighbourhood that is owned by her aging parents, with the intention of looking after them as they grow older. But instead of moving into the big house, she decided to take advantage of the fact that the property is zoned for laneway housing — and had a smaller home built in the back yard……Click Here To Keep Reading

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