A Renowned Collector’s Private Paradise on the Island of Jersey

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When art connoisseur and collector Philip Hewat-Jaboor inherited two granite cottages on the island of Jersey, located in the tempestuous channel between the coasts of England and France, one might have found it difficult to imagine him living there. Nothing could be further from the drawing rooms of London and the international circuit Hewat-Jaboor inhabits. Known for his impeccable sartorial style and breadth of art-historical knowledge, the urbane Hewat-Jaboor is, he jokes, “doing all of this entirely by mistake.”

Hewat-Jaboor—whose love for discovering beautiful things started with his godfather, himself once a serious collector, and a Sotheby’s works of art class he took when he was 17—moved to Jersey about ten years ago. The cottages he inherited were slightly damp and dark but…..Click Here To Keep Reading

The main entrance was designed to display Hewat-Jaboor’s extensive collection of pieces made in porphyry (a hardstone). There is a column fragment from the first to the second century A.D., and on the central table is an early Louis XVI



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