A $52,000 tiny smart home looks like a space ship and can sleep a family of 4 — see inside

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  • Singapore’s Nestron is selling its newest prefabricated tiny home, the Cube Two.
  • The tiny home is furnished and totally move-in ready on arrival.
  • It’s also a smart home with an AI assistant connected to all devices.
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The tiny home of the future is here. Singapore’s Nestron released information and photos of its newest prototype for the Cube Two, a smart tiny home with an artificial-intelligence assistant.

The Cube Two, which is available for preorder, is on the larger side for tiny homes at 263 square feet. Nestron says it can accommodate households of three or four with an open-concept design and more space devoted to the communal living area. From the outside, it looks like an upgraded RV, but inside the futuristic elements really shine.

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