5 mistakes you’re making when purchasing garden supplies

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It’s easy to drop serious cash in a garden supply shop, falling in love with a gorgeous yucca plant or picking up a bunch of bargain tools.

But when the that sun-loving yucca dies in your shady, wet soil, or that plastic-handled spade breaks the first time you use it, you’ve wasted money and you’re frustrated. To help you avoid financial heartbreak, garden experts shared common mistakes they see new gardeners make.

1. You’ve neglected the soil. Joe Raboine, national design and training specialist for Belgard, a landscape supply firm, said that when people dig up part of their yard, install a raised bed or build a small vertical garden, good soil will mean the difference between plants that thrive and those that wither. Plants need a foot of soil to grow properly, he said. In some yards, much of the original topsoil is gone and needs to be replaced. In raised beds, Raboine said, “people don’t put enough decent soil in. They put in, let’s say, a bunch of scraps or gravel or things in the bottom of the container, and it just doesn’t give plants enough of a place to grow roots.”


Remedy this by buying topsoil or garden soil for yards and potting soil for raised beds and containers.

2. Choosing the wrong plants — and cramming in too many….Click Here To Keep Reading


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